Portable Slit Lamp

This device is uniquely designed from the 'ground up' as a high quality slit lamp with HiRes photos and 4K video capabilities. It takes external photos anywhere, any time and can send to your computer.

  •  Office use  eliminating the need to move a wheelchair patient into an exam chair.
  • Hospital use solves the problem of external exams during hospital inpatient consultations.
  • Emergency rooms and Urgent Care Centers now have the  capabilities of a slit lamp. The portable slit lamp is significantly handier to operate and costs a fraction of a slit lamp. The images can be instantly transferred to off site consultants for more accurate diagnosis and treatment. 
  • Nursing care homes
  • Missionary work

 The device fits your iPhone 6 or 6s plus 7 and 7+ It is also recommended  for the iPad mini 4 so you don't have to use your personal phone.  The 7+ telephoto lens with 4K video gives 'stunning' images.  


This inexpensive instrument is designed from the 'ground up' to maximize slit lamp exam and photography.

  1. Both structural and video stabilizers eliminate the shaking seen     with other portable slit lamps
  2. Macro lens with fixed distance for ease of focus
  3. Advanced LED slit light
  4. Background illumination for external photos with dimmer
  5. Fluorescein Blue light
  6. Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery 

This is a product of the research and development team at the TerryEyeInstitute. There may be tax benefits of the ADA. Our mission is to enable you with better technology for disabled patients and improved documentation and doctor-to-patient education.

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